Regulation Search Results

IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3300 16A-4715 Licensure by Endorsement
Provides for licensure by endorsement for applicants from other states, territories and countries.
3264 16A-4712 Digital Signature and Seal
Updates current regulations on seals to be consistent with other design professional boards and incorporates the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying Model Rule on seals on documents.
3097 16A-4713 Renewal Fee
Increases the renewal fee for licensees.
2926 16A-4711 Qualifications For Licensure
Provides for examination and certification of geologists in training and conforms the regulation to current administrative practice.
2762 16A-4710 Continuing Education
Establishes continuing education requirements for licensed engineers, land surveyors and geologists.
2453 16A-478 Biennial Renewal Fees and Examination Fees
Raises biennial registration fee for all licensees from $25 to $50; deletes extraneous fees and makes minor editorial changes
2033 16A-476 Appeal from Board Decision
Corrects the starting date of the 30-day period to appeal a board decision
2024 16A-477 Verification/Certification Fees
Creates new verification and certification fees for professional engineer, land surveyors and geologists
1897 16A-475 Examination Fees
Increases the fees for professional engineer and professional land surveyors, licensure examinations administered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (CNCEES).
1822 16A-474 Fees
Reduces the fees for two geologist licensure examinations by $25 each.
1675 16A-473 General Revisions
Established education and experience requirements for licensure of Registered Professional Geologists.
1666 16A-472 Examination Fees
Revises and adds examination fees for professional engineer, professional land surveyor, and professional geologist candidates.
1603 16A-471 Professional Geologist Fees
Establishes a temporary permit fee for nonresident geologists practicing geology in Pennsylvania for up to 30 days in one calendar year.
1480 16A-359 Professional Geologist Fees
Establishes application and biennial renewal fees for geologists
1457 16A-355 Schedule of Examination Fees
1423 16A-345 Schedule of Examination Fees
1410 16A-319 General Revisions
1301 16A-315 Fees
0974 16A-251 Application Procedures
0956 16A-226 Reactivation of Licensure Status
0743 16A-193 Examination Fees
0490 16A-151 Inactive status
0092 16A-93 Professional Engineers Registration Law