Our Sep. 1st meeting will air live here: pacast.com/live/irrc  All letters and emails submitted by 10 am on Aug. 30th will be reviewed by our Commissioners before the meeting.  

To accommodate as many speakers as possible, we ask all to kindly sign up in advance and submit a written copy of remarks no later than 10 am, Aug. 30th. You may register/send your remarks to: irrchelp@irrc.state.pa.us Register by phone: 717-783-5417

We appreciate the considerable interest in this meeting and anticipate that a large number of individuals will wish to speak. We will first provide an opportunity to speak, as time allows, to those who have pre-registered and submitted advance copies of their remarks. If time remains, other attendees will have an opportunity. Please note that even pre-registered attendees may be required to wait in an overflow area due to fire code limits. Monitors to view the meeting will be available. Watch this page for updates

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IRRC is required under the Regulatory Review Act to make as part of the public record all comments we receive on any regulation. See 71 P.S. § 754.5a(k). Comments are written statements delivered to IRRC supporting, opposing or recommending changes to a final, proposed or existing regulation which is subject to review by IRRC. 1 Pa. Code § 301.1. We do not redact or omit portions of any comment letters, which must be retained for at least four years after the regulation has been promulgated.

Please Note: Handwritten documents may not appear in the search results. Also, documents corresponding with regulations prior to IRRC No. 2500 are not available on the website.

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