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Department of Health
Long Term Care Nursing Facilities #10-224 (IRRC# 3343)

State Board of Auctioneer Examiners
Licensure by Endorsement #16A-6412 (IRRC# 3344)

State Board of Cosmetology
Fees #16A-4520 (IRRC# 3342)

06/16/2022 Environmental Hearing Board
Practice and Procedure #106-13 (IRRC# 3301)

06/16/2022 Insurance Department
Term and Universal Life Insurance Reserve Financing Standards #11-260 (IRRC# 3333)

06/16/2022 Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
Limited Wineries #54-95 (IRRC# 3323)

06/16/2022 State Board of Podiatry
Continuing Education #16A-4417 (IRRC# 3257)

There are currently no recent IRRC orders.