Due to a full agenda for our January meeting and heightened interest in several regulations we are emphasizing our meeting guidelines http://www.irrc.state.pa.us/meetings/#Guidelines and reminding everyone that you can watch our meeting live online here: http://pacast.com/players/live_irrc.asp

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Our next meeting is Friday, January 31, 2020. View the agenda or our full schedule.

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State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators
Continuing Education #16A-6219 (IRRC# 3250)

02/20/2020 Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs
Technical Corrections to Schedules of Civil Penalties #16A-62 (IRRC# 3249)

03/19/2020 Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Snowmobile and All-Terrain Vehicle Grants #7B-9 (IRRC# 3188)

01/31/2020 Department of Labor and Industry
Minimum Wage #12-106 (IRRC# 3202)

01/31/2020 Department of Revenue
iLottery Games #15-460 (IRRC# 3234)

01/31/2020 Environmental Quality Board
Federal Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement Program Consistency #7-532 (IRRC# 3217)

01/31/2020 Environmental Quality Board
Triennial Review of Water Quality Standards #7-534 (IRRC# 3182)

01/31/2020 Milk Marketing Board
Milk Marketing Fees #47-19 (IRRC# 3241)

02/20/2020 State Board of Social Workers, Marriage/Family Therapists and Professional Counselors
Licensed Bachelor Social Worker; Fees #16A-6922 (IRRC# 3196)

There are currently no recent IRRC orders.