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11/16/2017 Board of Coal Mine Safety
Sensitive Ground Fault #7-527 (IRRC# 3165)

11/16/2017 Environmental Quality Board
Stream Redesignations (Sobers Run, et al.) #7-535 (IRRC# 3150)

10/12/2017 Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
Hybrid Gaming Tables and Electronic Wagering Terminals #125-189 (IRRC# 3112)

10/12/2017 State Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers
Appraisal Management Companies #16A-7021 (IRRC# 3113)

10/12/2017 Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
Steam Heat Distribution System Safety Regulations #57-311 (IRRC# 3131)

10/12/2017 Department of Banking and Securities
Securities Regulations Omnibus Amendments #3-54 (IRRC# 3152)

10/12/2017 Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
Transportation of Liquor, Malt or Brewed Beverages or Alcohol #54-98 (IRRC# 3178)