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Regulation Search Results

IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3237 8-27 State Metrology Laboratory Fee Schedule
Amends the schedule of fees for metrology laboratory services.
3194 8-25 Methods of Awarding Contracts
Repeals Chapter 69 relating to the procedures, responsibilities and guidance for awarding contracts for the purchase of goods and supplies.
3193 8-23 Emergency Construction Repairs
Repeals Chapter 67 relating to the procurement and expeditious processing of contract awards in excess of $25,000 on completed construction projects in emergency conditions.
3192 8-22 Selections Committee
Repeals Chapter 64 which addresses the role and procedures of the Selections Committee in reviewing applications from architects and engineers seeking contracts with the Department.
3191 8-21 Committee on Construction Contract Documents
Repeals Chapter 62 which addresses the creation and operation of the Committee on Construction Contract Documents.
3171 8-27 Metrology Calibration and Testing Fees
Amends the schedule of fees for metrology laboratory services and allows for future automatic percentage increases in the schedule of fees.
2796 8-14 State Metrology Laboratory Fee Schedule
Amends the schedule of fees for metrology laboratory calibration, type evaluation and other services.
2728 8-13 Commonwealth Parking Facilities
Rescinds regulations relating to allocation of parking permits and amends regulations relating to compliance, parking violations, fines and penalties
2643 8-12 Death Benefits for Survivors of Emergency and Law Enforcement Personnel
Revises existing regulations to implement statutory provisions relating to death benefits for emergency and law enforcement personnel families and survivors
2574 8-11 Distribution of Federally Donated Foods to Needy Households
Deletes three obsolete chapters that address the procedures and guidelines for the distribution of federally donated foods to needy households.
2478 8-9 General Provisions; Device Type Approval and State Metrology Laboratory
Establishes fees for testing services performed by the State Metrology Laboratory
2305 8-4 Instructions to Bidders
Repeals existing regulation that set forth how bidders must prepare and resubmit bids on DGS construction projects
2304 8-3 General Conditions of Contract
Repeals Chapter 63 relating to contract terms for construction projects
2303 8-2 State Art Commission
Repeals criteria by which the State Art Commission reviewed projects
0255 8-8 Procurement of Handicapped - Made Products and Services