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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3272 16A-5429 Administration of Injectable Medications, Biologicals and Immunizations
Conforms existing regulations to statutory amendments which allow pharmacists and qualified pharmacy interns to administer influenza immunizations to children ages 9 - 18 and sets forth corresponding liability insurance requirements for pharmacists who administer ‎immunizations, biological and injectable medications.
3218 16A-5431 Naloxone Exceptions
Provides expanded access to the overdose-reversing drug, Naloxone, to at-risk individuals who are pending discharge or release from correctional facilities, prisons, jails and residential drug treatment facilities.
3163 16A-5419 Compounding
Updates regulations to incorporate developments and improvements related to safe, sterile practices and procedures for the compounding of pharmaceutical products.
3006 16A-5425 Collaborative Management of Drug Therapy
Provides for collaborative management of drug therapy between physicians & pharmacists & clarifies liability insurance obligations for pharmacists engaging in collaborative management of drug therapy.
2963 16A-5424 Pharmacy Internship
Updates existing regulations pertaining to pharmacy internships.
2949 16A-5428 Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances
Conforms existing regulations to federal regulations enacted by the Drug Enforcement Administration of the U.S. Department of Justice.
2889 16A-5423 Cancer Drug Repository Program
Implements the Cancer Drug Repository Program Act which permits pharmacies to voluntarily accept donated cancer drugs and to dispense the donated drugs to indigent persons.
2719 16A-5422 Fees
Increases fees for the pharmacy intern certificate, new pharmacy permits, reinspections, pharmacy permit changes and biennial renewal for pharmacists and pharmacies.
2663 16A-5420 Pharmacist Breaks
Adds provisions related to pharmacist breaks
2662 16A-5417 Continuing Education
Clarifies changes to the sections of the regulation relating to continuing pharmacy education.
2640 16A-5416 Revisions Regarding Current Pharmacy Practice
Amends 49 Pa. Code Chapter 27 to remove outdated language to bring the regulation up to date with current practices in the industry.
2625 16A-5418 Sales of Hypodermic Needles and Syringes
Permits a pharmacist to sell hypodermic needles and syringes without a prescription.
2593 16A-5415 Supplies and Equipment
Deletes unnecessary and outdated provisions from existing regulations.
2456 16A-5414 Biennial Renewal Fees
Amends the Board's biennial renewal fees for pharmacists and pharmacies.
2437 16A-5412 Drug Therapy and Injectable Medications, Biologicals and Immunizations
Implements amendments to the Pharmacy Act to allow certain pharmacists to administer injectable medications, biologicals and immunizations
2423 16A-5413 Examination Fees
Deletes references to fees for the NAPLEX and MPJE licensing examinations
2405 16A-5410 Technology and Automation
Permits electronic transmission and storage of prescriptions and also sets standards for centralized prescription processing and automated medication systems
2197 16A-549 Reference Libraries; Facsimile Machines
Allows pharmacies to fill prescriptions for all schedule II controlled substances by fax, and maintain a more appropriate reference library based on individual needs
2006 16A-548 Application Fees
Revises ten fees charged by the Board for various services
1979 16A-547 Examination Fees
Establishes the fee for the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination
1896 16A-546 Approval of Plans: Pharmacy Alterations
Regulations reduces the number of days from 90 to 30 by which pharmacies must notify the Board before undergoing renovation. It also deletes voluntary guidelines relating to minimum floor space.
1824 16A-545 Examination Fees
Amends regulation to provide for computer based licensure exam and modifies exam fees.
1715 16A-543 Facsimile Machines
Establishes rules for faxing prescriptions to pharmacists.
1714 16A-542 General Revisions
Updates State Board of Pharmacy regulations
1665 16A-544 Examination Fees
Fee increase for Licensure examinations
1383 16A-332 Prospective Drug Review and Patient Counseling
Require all pharmacists to perform a prospective drug review of new prescriptions and after to provide patient counseling.
1320 16A-318 Federal Drug Law Examination
1253 16A-296 Fee Schedule
1078 16A-230 Reference Books, Biennial Renewal & Continuing Education
0963 16A-242 Examination Fees
0733 16A-189 Schedule of Fees
0535 16A-153 Mandatory Continuing Education
0412 16A-139 NABPLEX Examination Format
0321 16A-126 Examination Fees
0077 16A-96 Examination Fees