Regulation Search Results

IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3265 16A-6112 Digital Signature and Seal
Updates current regulations on seals to be consistent with other design professional boards and incorporates the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying Model Rule on seals on documents.
2994 16A-6110 Continuing Education and Elimination of Registration without Examination
Updates existing regulations pertaining to continuing education and registration without examination.
2815 16A-619 Fees - Landscape Architect
Increases biennial renewal fees for landscape architects.
2470 16A-618 General Revisions
Deletes references to the specific Board-approved licensure exam, conforms the regulations to actual Board procedures, deletes unnecessary provisions and clarifies existing provisions
2368 16A-617 Deletion of Examination Fees
Deletes references to details of licensure examination process and fees charged by testing organizations
2049 16A-615 Application Fees
Revises the fee schedule for the State Board of Landscape Architects
2014 16A-614 Examination Fees
Increases the fees for the Landscape Architect Registration Examination
1963 16A-612 Continuing Education
Implements a mandatory continuing education program for all licensees
1957 16A-613 Fees
Establishes fees for 1998-2000 scheduled Landscape Architect Registration Examinations and deletes obsolete fees.
1689 16A-611 Examination Fees
Increase fee for landscape architect licensing exam from $410 to $440 in December 1995 and $500 in 1996.
1498 16A-366 Fees
Increases fee for exam and establishes adminstration of partial exams
1196 16A-284 General Provisions
0978 16A-245 Examination Procedures & Fees
0830 16A-186 Misconduct
0722 16A-181 Schedule of Fees
0493 16A-145 Fees, Registration & Other Miscellaneous Provisions
0489 16A-149 Deadline for Filing Examination Applications