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Regulation Search Results

IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3293 16A-4824 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Updates existing regulations to be consistent with amendments to the Child Protective Services Law.
3000 16A-4822 Fees
Increases the biennial renewal fees for funeral directors, funeral supervisors and funeral establishments.
2760 16A-4818 Continuing Education Enforcement
Updates and clarifies continuing education requirements.
2639 16A-4816 Preneed Activities of Unlicensed Employee
Establishes requirements, procedures and standards for the activities of unlicensed employees in assisting funeral directors with preneed business
2627 16A-4815 Preneed Funeral Arrangements
Sets forth procedures and requirements for managing preneed funds and contracts, and allowing customers to transfer contracts and funds
2605 16A-4817 Renewal Fee
Increases the biennial renewal fee.
2604 16A-4813 Forms Review
Clarifies existing language to state that the Board will disapprove any form statement of funeral goods and services or preneed contracts if the form would lead to a violation of the Funeral Director Law or Board regulations.
2459 16A-4814 Unprofessional Conduct
Provides additional grounds of misconduct in the Funeral Director profession
2397 16A-4810 Limited License
Implements the issuance of limited licenses authorizing funeral directors from another state to provide some services in Pennsylvania.
2356 16A-489 Continuing Education
Updates provisions related to continuing education requirements
2333 16A-4811 Renewal Fee
Increases the biennial renewal fee
2167 16A-482 Application Fees
Amends the fee schedule for the State Board of Funeral Directors
1898 16A-481 Examination Requirements
Amendments to allow applicants for licensure as funeral directors to take the licensure examination prior to completion of their internship.
1721 16A-484 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Establishes reporting requirements for licensees in cases of suspected child abuse as mandated by the Child Protective Services Law.
1672 16A-483 Examination Fees
To increase fees for applicants taking the licensing examination for Funeral Directors from $66.25 to $87 effective January 1996.
1240 16A-299 Biennial Renewal Fee Increase
1109 16A-225 General Revisions
1103 16A-239 Fees
0848 16A-206 Funding and Reporting of Pre-Paid Burial Accounts
0806 16A-202 Affidavit for Pre-Paid Burial Accounts
0638 16A-170 New Biennial Renewal Fee
0415 16A- Fee Schedules for Examinations, Renewals, Registrations, and Licensure of Funeral Personnel
0283 16A-094 Future Interment Agreements