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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3342 16A-4520 Fees
2996 16A-4515 Fees - Cosmetology
Increases biennial renewal fees and adjusts certain application fees.
2628 16A-4514 General Revisions
amends the existing regulation to implement changes made to the Cosmetology Law, as well as to generally update regulations.
2529 16A-4513 Removal of Term "Manager"
Removes the term "manager" and all references to a cosmetology shop manager from the Board's regulations
2528 16A-4511 Accreditation of Licensed Schools
Clarifies that a licensed school must submit proof that it is also accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency
2475 16A-4512 Biennial Renewal Fee Increase
Raises biennial renewal fees for all classes of Cosmetology Board licensees.
2306 16A-454 Sanitation/Disinfection
Updates minimum equipment requirements and procedures for sanitation and disinfection in salons and schools
2223 16A-4510 Examination Fees
Deletes examination fees from existing regulations
2127 16A-458 Application Fees
Amends the fee schedule
2044 16A-457 Examination Fees
Revises examination fees
1825 16A-453 Examination Fees
Establishes new examination fees for the cosmetologist, manicurist, cosmetician, cosmetology, teacher and shop manager; eliminates law examination.
1688 16A-452 Examination Fees
Increases ten exam fees for five categories of applicants.
1348 16A-328 Fees
1144 16A-279 Fees
1037 16A-260 Biennial Fees: Cosmeticians, Cosmetician & Manicurist Shops
0976 16A-191 General Revisions
0753 16A-165 Schedule of Fees
0640 16A-174 Cosmetology Board Biennial
0494 16A-150 Fee Schedules in Cosmetology
0388 16A-130 Fee Schedules in Cosmetology