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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3263 16A-4111 Digital Signature and Seal
Updates current regulations on seals to be consistent with other design professional boards and incorporates the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying Model Rule on seals on documents.
2629 16A-419 Requirements for Examination Eligibility
This proposed rulemaking amends Chapter 49 of the Pa. Code, relating to eligibility and passing of the Architect Registration Examination (ARE).
2398 16A-418 Definitions and Fees
Adds a definition for "sole proprietorship," and excludes sole proprietorships from the annual renewal fee for firms
2326 16A-417 Firm Practice
Adds the requirements for registration as a limited liability company and limited liability partnership
2261 16A-416 Examination Fees
Implements an annual renewal fee and eliminates reference to cost and procedures for taking the National Architect exam
2115 16A-415 Biennial Renewal Fees
Increases the biennial renewal fee for architects from $50 to $100
2047 16A-414 Fees
Increases fees for initial license; other licensure forms; certification of licensure, registration or scores; creates new fees for licensure forms, license or registration verification; and firm practice registration or modification
1801 16A-413 General Revisions
Amends regulations to eliminate outdated or unnecessary requirements; comply with court decisions; and improve clarity
1772 16A-412 Examination Fees
Amends regulation to delete provisions for the written architect registration examination, adds provisions for computerized examination, changes categories that comprise the examination, and increases examination fees.
1680 16A-411 Examination Fees
Increases the examination fee for the Architect Exam Review.
1560 16A-380 Fees
To increase fees for the Architect Registration Exam to ensure that fees cover cost of examination.
0979 16A-248 Fees
0937 16A-228 Divisions of Examination Available in December
0834 16A-207 Schedule of Fees
0748 16A-176 Intern-Architect Development Program
0488 16A-148 Fee schedule, reporting Requirements, lapsed & Expired Licenses
0436 16A-132 Implementation of Statutory Changes
0117 16A-101 Reduction of Administrative Cost of Examination
0012 16A-83 Examination and Registration Fee