Regulation #16A-5726: Euthanasia

Implements amendments to the Animal Destruction Method Authorization Law relating to registration of animal protection organizations and licensure of euthanasia technicians.

Regulation Details
IRRC Number 3336 Proposed Regulation Received March 10, 2022
Agency Name State Board of Veterinary Medicine PA Bulletin Publish Date April 02, 2022
Regulation Status Final-Form Close of Public Comment May 02, 2022
PA Code 49 Pa. Code Chapter 31.101-31.115
49 Pa. Code Chapter 31.121-31.130
Final Due By May 02, 2024
Analysts Assigned Corinne R. Brandt  (CRB)
Fiona E. Cormack  (FEC)
IRRC Comments Due June 01, 2022
Final-Form Regulation Received April 29, 2024
Public Meeting Date June 20, 2024
Published as Final N/A
Actions Taken
No IRRC Actions taken at this time

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Public Comments on Proposed Regulation

April 28, 2022

April 14, 2022

Legislative Comments (on the Proposed and Final Regulation)

May 31, 2022

IRRC Comments on Proposed Regulation

June 1, 2022

Public Comments on Final Regulation

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Legislative Comments (on the Proposed and Final Regulation)

HPLC May 31, 2022

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