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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3358 16A-679 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Updates the Board’s existing child abuse reporting regulations to be consistent with amendments to the Child Protective Services Law.
3331 16A-6713 Licensure by Endorsement
Provides for licensure by endorsement for applicants from other states, territories and countries pursuant to Act 41 of 2019.
3271 16A-6712 Educational Programs
Clarifies and codifies existing procedures relating to occupational ‎therapy educational program requirements.
3134 16A-6711 General Revisions
Implements the professional liability insurance and continued competency provisions of Act 138 of 2012.
3133 16A-6710 Code of Ethics
Adopts the 2015 American Occupational Therapy Association Code of Ethics.
3004 16A-678 Referrals by CRNPs and PAs
Amends existing regulations to add certified registered nurse practitioners and licensed physician assistants to the list of authorized referring health care providers.
2892 16A-677 Continuing Competency
Establishes continued competency requirements for occupational therapists and adds fees for continued competency providers and course approvals.
2567 16A-676 Orders
Delineates the standards and requirements for both written and oral orders.
2467 16A-675 Oral Orders
Allows occupational therapists to accept referrals from licensed optometrists.
2136 16A-674 General Revisions
Eliminates outdated or unnecessary provisions; clarifies existing provisions and adopts 1994 Code of Ethics developed by the American Occupational Therapy Association
2037 16A-673 Oral Orders
New section to specify how occupational therapists accept oral orders
2026 16A-672 Fees
Creates new verification and certification fees for occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants
1725 16A-671 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Establishes reporting requirements for licensees in cases of suspected child abuse as mandated by the Child Protective Services Law.
1257 16A-297 Code of Ethics
1184 16A-290 Supervision of Occupational Therapy Assistants
1097 16A-271 Amendments to Regulations
0203 16A-107 Licensure Fees
0000A 16A-000 0000