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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3380 6-342 Intellectual Disability Terminology Update
Replaces the term "mental retardation" with "intellectual disability" and replaces the term "mentally retarded" with "an individual with an intellectual disability."
3315 6-349 Charter Schools and Cyber Charter Schools
Clarifies elements of the Charter School Law and sets conditions that emphasize accountability, equity, quality and transparency.
3296 6-339 Postsecondary Distance Education Reciprocity
Rescinds Chapter 741 and adds Chapter 741a to set the fees for institutions of higher education seeking to join the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA), and repromulgates sections relating to definitions, SARA membership, fees nonrefundable and annual renewals.
3168 6-337 Postsecondary Distance Education Reciprocity
Establishes fees to support the administration of the Commonwealth's membership in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement.
2817 6-319 Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts Requirements, Standards and Procedures
Establishes standards and procedures for the Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts grant program.
2769 6-319 Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts Requirements, Standards, and Procedures
Establishes the framework standards and procedures for the Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts grant program.
2768 6-320 General Provisions and Supervision
Aligns the Department's regulations with the December 1, 2008 version of the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act regulations.
2693 6-305 Auditing of Approved Private Schools and Chartered Schools for the Education of Deaf and Blind Children
Codifies interim audit standards and requires account records to be maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
2653 6-308 Charter School and Cyber Charter School Services and Programs for Children with Disabilities
Aligns existing regulations pertaining to Charter Schools and Cyber Charter Schools, with the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, related federal regulations and applicable provisions of Pennsylvania statutes.
2550 6-300 Keystone Educational Accountability Best Management Practices Standards
Establishes best management practice standards to be used to measure school district practices under the Keystone Educational Accountability program.
2520 6-298 Vocational Education
Identifies the accountability standard for approved career technical education programs, outlines the approved program review process and establishes the technical institute program standards
2486 6-294 Compliance with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001; Bridge Certification
Extends the deadline for teachers to apply for participation in the Bridge Certification program from July 30, 2005, to July 30, 2006
2183 6-272 Definitions; Fees
Changes current fees to meet the needs of the Board and adds a new definition for "seminar"
2162 6-271 Reimbursement Amounts for National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs
Specifies the per-meal reimbursement rates to approved public schools, non-profit private schools and public and non-profit residential child care institutions participating in the federal National School Lunch and/or School Breakfast Program
2129 6-269 Charter School Services and Programs for Children With Disabilities
Establishes procedures for special education in charter schools and adopts federal regulations concerning children with disabilities
2039 6-264 Institutional Preparation of Professional Educators
Establishes standards for educational institutions for preparation of professional educators
1968 6-262 Nurse Aide Applicant Criminal History Record Information
Requires criminal history record information background check for applicants enrolling in state approved nurse aide training programs
1841 6-259 Special Education Services and Programs
Amends existing extended school year services for students who lose or do not recover behavioral patterns or skills after an interruption in education programs
1800 6-257 Private Driver Training Schools
Updates existing regulations for private driver training schools including requirements for school and teacher licensure, school plant standards, recordkeeping and advertising.
1622 6-251 Grants for Public Library Construction
Establishes a competitive grant program for municipalities to apply for public library funding for planning, acquisition, development and rehabilitation.
1621 6-252 State Postsecondary Review Entity
1611 6-255 Community College Courses
Establishes standards Community College Courses must meet to be eligible for State reimbursement.
1556 6-250 School Profiles and Curriculum
1520 6-238 Standards for Approved Private Schools
Amends the rules relating to approved private schools which provide for special education needs of students and young children.
1459 6-244 Special Education Services and Programs
Incorporates recent federal changes with regard to IEPS, ITPs and placement in approved private schools
1458 6-243 Special Education Services and Programs
Incorporates changes based on federal regulations and removes Secretary's authority relating to out-of-state placements
1401 6-240 Definitions of Offenses
This regulation establishes the definitions of certain violations prescribed by the law and defines conduct that is unacceptable on the part of a professional educator
1346 6-235 Special Education Services and Programs - Chapter 342
1344 6-236 Audit Requirements
1259 6-226 Code of Professional Practice & Code for Educators
1161 6-115 College and University Security
1142 6-221 Chapter 342-Technical Revisions
0632 6-236 Chap. 105: Electrical and Electronic Speed-Timing DeVices
0530 6-83 School Building Regulations
0475 6-70 Chap. 7: Pupil Personnel Services
0441 6-84 Chap. 339 - Vocational Education Standards
0304 6-77 Certification Regulations
0213 6-74 Chapter 49: Certification of Professional Personnel
0176 6-73 Testing for Essential Learning & Literacy Skills, Chapter 3
0138 6-71 District Library Ctr. Standards
0063 6-66 State Board Regulations for Vocational Education