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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3399 16A-5336 Licensure Requirements
Amends provisions relating to internships, training programs and licensure, and adds provisions relating to licensure by endorsement and provisional licensure.
3366 16A-5332 Temporary Graduate Perfusionist License
Conforms the existing regulation to Act 120 of 2016 which deleted the provision that required that a temporary graduate license shall expire immediately upon notice that an individual has failed the required certification examination.
3356 16A-5326 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Updates the Board’s existing child abuse reporting regulations to be consistent with amendments to the Child Protective Services Law.
3254 16A-5334 Fees
Increases application fees and all the Board's biennial renewal fees, and proposes graduated biennial renewal fee increases for seven licenses, certificates and registrations.
3043 16A-5328 Genetic Counselors
Provides for the licensure and regulation of genetic counselors.
2988 16A-5325 Athletic Trainers
Conforms the existing regulations to amendments made to the Osteopathic Medical Practice Act.
2952 16A-5324 Perfusionist
Implements licensure of perfusionists.
2941 16A-5321 Physician Assistants and Respiratory Therapists
Implements statutory amendments pertaining to licensure of respiratory therapists and practice, continuing education and professional liability insurance for physician assistants.
2849 16A-5320 Perfusionist
Implements the licensure of perfusionists.
2816 16A-5322 Reduction of Biennial Fee for Osteopathic Physicians
2644 16A-5318 Prescriptive Privileges for Physician Assistants
Permits physician assistants practicing under the direction of an osteopathic physician to prescribe drugs.
2496 16A-5317 Respiratory Therapists
Defines the requirements for continuing education for the practice of respiratory therapists
2480 16A-5315 Deletion of Exam Fees
Deletes references to six examination fees and a reference to dates certain examinations are administered.
2382 16A-5313 Continuing Medical Education
Establishes minimum continuing education hours in the areas of patient safety and risk management mandated by Act 13 of 2002.
2376 16A-5312 Delegation of Medical Services
Establishes criteria that would allow osteopathic physicians to delegate the performance of medical services
2274 16A-5311 Biennial Renewal Fees
Increases the biennial license renewal fee from $140 to $440 in response to the passage of the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error Act
2262 16A-539 Sexual Misconduct
Establishes guidelines relating to sexual misconduct between licensees and patients or family members of patients
2018 16A-5310 Application Fees
Amends the fee schedule by revising numerous licensure and application fees
1953 16A-538 Prescribing, Administering and Dispensing Controlled Sympathomimetic Amines
Deletes obsolete provisions relating to prescribing sympathomimetic amines
1853 16A-537 Volunteer License
Implements Act 141 of 1996 by establishing procedures and requirements for issuing volunteer licenses which allow practitioners to work as volunteers in community-based clinics.
1713 16A-535 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Establishes requirements for reporting suspected child abuse.
1703 16A-536 Renewal Fees
Increase biennial licensure renewal fee for osteopathic physicians from $75 to $140.
1692 16A-534 Examination Fees
Decreases the examination fee for the Osteopathic Manipulative exam and deletes the fees for the National Board exam.
1559 16A-531 Examination Fees
Increases three fees assessed for the written and practical licensure exams, eliminates the provision for a specially scheduled practical exam and adds a testing date for the regularly scheduled exam
1548 16A-379 Continuing Education
Reduces the required credit hours in courses approved by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA)
1482 16A-356 Corporate Practice and Fictitious Names
To permit osteopaths to form partnerships and professional corporations with chiropractors
1427 16A-350 Schedule of Fees
1365 16A-326 Registration and Practice of Acupuncturists
Provides for the registration and practice of acupuncturists
1288 16A-308 Minimum Standards of Practice for Controlled Sympathomimetic Amines
1252 16A-302 Fees for Examination for Licensure and Applications
1171 16A-287 AART Limited Examination in Radiography - Skull and Sinuses
1140 16A-266 General Revisions
1006 16A-244 ARRT Examination Fees
0744 16A-192 Schedule of Fees
0597 16A-164 Performance of Radiologic Procedures by Auxiliary Personnel