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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3390 16A-4955 Physician Assistants
Effectuates Act 79 of 2021 relating to the practice of physician assistants in Pennsylvania.
3365 16A-4954 Temporary Graduate Perfusionist
Conforms the existing regulation to Act 119 of 2016 which deleted the provision that required that a temporary graduate license shall expire immediately upon notice that an individual has failed the required certification examination.
3351 16A-4958 Licensure by Endorsement
Provides for licensure by endorsement for applicants from other states, territories, and countries.
3332 16A-4956 Acupuncturists and Practitioners of Oriental Medicine
Updates and clarifies existing regulations, addresses changes to the options for demonstrating English language proficiency, and incorporates amendments to the Acupuncture Licensure Act relating to liability insurance and circumstances when diagnosis of a condition by a physician, dentist, or podiatrist must occur.
3324 16A-4953 Registration of Naturopathic Doctors
Implements the Naturopathic Doctor Registration Act.
3313 16A-4948 Examinations
Conforms the Board's regulations to national standards and to reflect the current licensure examination accepted by the Board (United States Medical Licensing Examination) and clarifies requirements and standards for examinations that are no longer administered but still valid for licensure.
3287 16A-4941 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Updates existing regulations to be consistent with amendments to the Child Protective Services Law.
3286 16A-4947 Orthotic Fitter Temporary Permits and Training
Streamlines the approval of precertification education programs and amends provisions related to temporary practice permits.
3062 16A-4943 Prosthetists, Orthotists, Pedorthists and Orthotic Fitters
Establishes requirements for the licensure and regulation of the practices of prosthetists, orthotists, pedorthists and orthotic fitters under the Medical Practice Act as amended by Act 90 of 2012.
3034 16A-4937 Genetic Counselors
Provides for the licensure and regulation of genetic counselors.
2989 16A-4938 Conform CRNP Provisions to Statute
Deletes obsolete regulations.
2987 16A-4936 Athletic Trainers
Conforms the existing regulations to amendments made to the Medical Practice Act.
2956 16A-4925 MCARE Revisions
Deletes references to the Health Care Services Malpractice Act and inserts references to the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error Act.
2951 16A-4935 Perfusionist
Implements licensure of perfusionists.
2942 16A-4930 Physician Assistants and Respiratory Therapists
Implements statutory amendments pertaining to licensure of respiratory therapists and practice, continuing education and professional liability insurance for physician assistants.
2931 16A-4933 Prescribing
Updates an existing section of regulations relating to prescribing, administering and dispensing controlled substances and expands the section to cover three non-controlled substances (drugs of abuse).
2848 16A-4931 Perfusionist
Implements the licensure of perfusionists.
2820 16A-4929 Behavior Specialist
Establishes licensure requirements for behavior specialists.
2690 16A-4924 Acupuncture Licensure
Authorizes acupuncturists to treat patients for 60 days without any physician involvement and establishes protocols for the relationship between the acupuncturists and the patient's treating physician
2656 16A-4926 Nurse Midwife Prescriptive Authority
Establishes prescriptive authority for licensed midwives working in collaboration with medical doctors.
2630 16A-4923 Expert Witness
Establishes qualifications consistent with the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error Act (40 P.S. § 1303.512), regarding experts testifying in proceedings before the Board.
2527 16A-4915 Athletic Trainers
Provides for certification of athletic trainers and establishes procedures for certification and protocols for practice
2505 16A-4916 Physician Assistants
Updates regulations to reflect current medical practice
2494 16A-4921 Respiratory Care Continuing Education
Defines the requirements for continuing education of respiratory care practitioners
2455 16A-4919 Registration and Practice of Acupuncturists
Amends current regulations relating to the registration and practice of acupuncturists
2420 16A-4917 Licensure of Medical Doctors
Amends requirements to license graduates of foreign medical schools and for licensure by endorsement
2399 16A-4918 Disciplinary Process and Procedure
Codifies the process and procedures currently followed in disciplinary matters before the State Board of Medicine
2375 16A-4914 Continuing Medical Education
Implements the continuing medical education mandate of Act 13 of 2002
2275 16A-4913 Biennial Renewal Fees
Increases the biennial license renewal fee from $125 to $360 in response to the passage of the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error Act
2230 16A-497 Sexual Misconduct
Establishes guidelines relating to sexual misconduct between licensees and patients or family members of patients
2212 16A-4912 Physician Delegation of Medical Services
Establishes criteria that would allow medical doctors to delegate the performance of medical services
2182 16A-4910 Licensure, Certification, Examination and Registration Fees
Updates, revises and consolidates fee schedule for applications for licenses, permits and certificates, and for certifications of scores and license history
2161 16A-4910 Licensure, Certification, Examination and Registration Fees
Revises existing fees as they no longer reflect the actual cost of providing the services
2083 16A-4911 Requirements of the Health Care Services Malpractice Act
Deletes obsolete minimum dollar amounts for malpractice insurance coverage that Board licensees are required to maintain under the Health Care Service Malpractice Act
2064 16A-499 Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners Prescriptive Authority
Authorizes Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners (CRNP) to prescribe and dispense drugs within specified parameters
1926 16A-498 Licensure, Certification, Examination and Registration Fees
Increases renewal fees relating to licensure, certification, examination and registration to cover increased Board expenses
1913 16A-496 Prescribing, Administering and Dispensing Controlled Sympathomimetic Amines
Deletes obsolete recordkeeping provisions relating to the prescription of sympathomimetic amines
1912 16A-495 Complaint Process, Formal Hearings and Appeals
Deletes provisions relating to the Board's prosecutorial functions
1856 16A-494 Volunteer License
Implements Act 141 of 1996 by establishing procedures and requirements for issuing volunteer licenses which allow practitioners to work as volunteers in community-based clinics.
1778 16A-493 Adminstration of Anesthesia
Establishes standard of practice for the delegation by a physician to a nurse anesthetist the administration of anesthesia
1717 16A-492 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Establishes requirements for reporting suspected child abuse.
1705 16A-532 Respiratory Care Practitioners
This regulation establishes procedures for application, credentials, examinations, certification and fees for respiratory care practitioners for both the State Board of Medicine and State Board of Osteopathic Medicine Board.
1691 16A-491 Examination Fees
Revises fees by eliminating the FLEX fees, increasing the USMLE Step 3, and adding a fee for SPEX.
1598 16A-348 Medical Disciplinary Process and Procedures
Amends the disciplinary procedures by separating the prosecutorial and adjudicative functions.
1524 16A-374 Examination fee
Adds fee for USMLE Exam.
1438 16A-339 Examination Requirements
This regulation updates the requirement for the licensure exam by replacing the FLEX and the National Boards exams with the USMLE.
1417 16A-327 Practice by and Through Business Entities
Broadens rules relating to formation of corporations.
1382 16A-334 Fees
1205 16A-276 Physician Assistants
1074 16A-262 AART Limited Examination in Radiography-Skull & Sinuses
1061 16A-254 Biennial Registration & Application Fees
1047 16A-259 Post-Basic Nursing Programs
1045 16A-246 Fees
1036 16A-237 Health Program
1020 16A-258 ARRT Examination Fees
0912 16A-213 Minimum Standards for Prescription Administration & Dispensing Controlled Sympathomimetic Amines
0811 16A-163 Midwives and Acupuncturists
0752 16A-197 Biennial Registration Fees
0734 16A-190 FLEX Examination Fees
0615 16A-168 Minimum Stnds. for Prescribing, Administering & Dispensing Controlled Sympathomimetic Amines
0548 16A-157 Minimum Stnds. for Prescribing, Administering & Dispensing Controlled Substances
0492 16A-147 General Provisions & License, Certificates & Regulation Requirements
0247 16A-109 General Provisions and License and Registration Requirements
0226 16A-106 Minimum Standards of Practice - Prescribing, Administering & Dispensing Controlled Substances
0161 16A-103 Medical Records & Unprofessional and Immoral Conduct