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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3277 16A-4634 Fees
Updates application and biennial renewal fees and rescinds fees for issuance of permits.
3228 16A-4633 Public Health Dental Hygiene Practitioner Practice Sites
Clarifies acceptable practice sites and expands the locations at which a public health dental hygiene practitioner may practice.
3198 16A-4626 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Implements amendments to the Child Protective Services Law relating to training in child abuse recognition and reporting.
2997 16A-4627 Fees
Increases application fees and biennial renewal fees.
2908 16A-4624 Expanded Function Dental Assistant Scope of Practice and Continuing Education
Amends existing regulations pertaining to scope of practice and continuing education for Expanded Function Dental Assistants.
2795 16A-4616 EFDA Program Approval
Establishes standards for the education of expanded function dental assistants.
2794 16A-4620 Clinical Examinations
Permits applicants to licensure by examination to pass any one of five clinical examinations administered by a regional testing agency.
2720 16A-4617 Dental Hygiene Scope of Practice; Local Anesthesia
expands the scope of practice of dental hygienists to include the administration of local anesthesia by regional injection under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist.
2573 16A-4618 Sexual Misconduct
makes sexual misconduct between certificateholders and current patients be considered unprofessional conduct and subjects the practitioner to disciplinary action.
2436 16A-4615 Biennial Renewal Fees - Dentist, Restricted Anesthesia Permit II
Increases biennial renewal fees for dentists.
2396 16A-4614 Administration of General Anesthesia, Deep Sedation, Conscious Sedation and Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Analgesia
Enhances requirements for permit holders who administer general anesthesia, deep sedation, conscious sedation and nitrous oxide/oxygen analgesia
2308 16A-4612 Expanded Function Dental Assistants
Eliminates the requirements for expanded function dental assistants to take a clinical examination in order to become certified
2307 16A-4613 Sexual Misconduct
Sets sexual misconduct standards for licensees of the State Board of Dentistry
2233 16A-4610 Administration of General Anesthesia, Deep Sedation, Conscious Sedation and Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Analgesia
Revises provisions relating to permits for forms of anesthesia
2222 16A-4611 Application Fees
Adds two new fees for dental radiology application and authorization and notification application of postgraduate training or faculty member
2027 16A-469 Verification/Certification Fees
Increases verification and certification fees for dentists, dental hygienists and expanded function dental assistant
1960 16A-465 Expanded Function Dental Assistants
Establishes a certification process for expanded function dental assistants
1959 16A-464 Continuing Dental Education and Biennial Renewals
Implements Act 113 of 1996 by requiring cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification and continuing education credits for biennial renewal of dentist, dental hygienist and expanded function dental assistant licenses or certificates
1866 16A-468 Volunteer License
Implements Act 141 of 1996 by establishing procedures and requirements for issuing volunteer licenses which allow practitioners to work as volunteers in community-based clinics.
1826 16A-466 Fictitious Names
Repeals determinations or judgment provisions as to the appropriateness of fictitious names pursuant to Act 113 of 1996.
1802 16A-463 Fees
Establishes fees for expanded function dental assistants and increases fees for dentists and dental hygienists
1720 16A-462 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Establishes requirements for reporting suspected child abuse.
1599 16A-461 Biennial Renewal Fee Increase
Increases biennial renewal fee for dentist licensees from $58 to $100, and for dental hygienist licensees from $25 to $40.
1594 16A-364 Disciplinary Process and Procedures
Amends the disciplinary procedures by separating the prosecutorial and adjudicative functions.
1416 16A-321 General Revisions
Establishes standards of practice for dentists and dental hygienists.
1065 16A-261 Biennial Renewal Fee: Anesthesia Permit
1029 16A-236 General Revisions
0861 16A-221 Anesthesia
0812 16A-204 Amended Fee Schedule
0697 16A-161 Anesthetic Modalities
0454 16A-141 Minimum Stnds. for Preparing, Maintaining & Retaining Patient Records
0451 16A-138 Unprofessional and Fraudulent Conduct
0275 16A-110 Identifying information of prescriptions; minimum standards of practice for prescribing, administering and dispensing controlled substances
0192 16A-108 Professional Designations - Name of Dental Facility