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IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3346 10-236 Certified Lifeguards
Replaces specific names of lifeguard certifying authorities with the term "organizations."
3343 10-224 Long-Term Care Nursing Facilities
Eliminates provisions that are duplicative and conflict with Federal requirements; increases the required number of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and nurse aides at facilities; requires a full-time qualified social worker at a facility; requires facilities to have administrative policies and procedure that include introductions and orientation for new residents to key personnel and services; and adds an anti-discrimination policy.
3335 10-223 Long-Term Care Nursing Facilities
Eliminates provisions that are duplicative of Federal requirements; updates requirements for licensure and changes in ownership for existing facilities; and addresses safety and infection prevention and control requirements.
3316 10-222 Long-Term Care Nursing Facilities
Eliminates provisions that are outdated and duplicative of Federal requirements and adds Chapter 204 to update requirements for alterations, renovations or construction of long-term care nursing facilities.
3312 10-221 Long-Term Care Nursing Facilities
Amends existing regulations to adopt federal requirements for long-term care facilities, update existing definitions, increase the number of direct care hours that facilities are required to provide to residents per shift, and clarify that nursing staff must possess the competencies and skills necessary to provide care.
3290 10-219 Medical Marijuana
Establishes permanent regulations under the Medical Marijuana Act which will replace the temporary regulations that are set to expire on November 20, 2021.
3235 10-209 Complete Reporting of CD4 T-Lymphocyte, Viral Load and Genotyping Test Results Relating to HIV
Requires the reporting of all CD4 T-Lymphocyte cell counts related to HIV infection, as well as viral load test results and genotyping results.
3147 10-197 School Immunizations
Updates immunization requirements.
3122 10-195 Health Facilities
Amends provisions related to physician countersignature requirements on nursing facility resident medical records.
3099 10-193 Schedules of Controlled Substances
Amends the schedules of controlled substances.
2917 10-190 Emergency Medical Services System
Implements the Emergency Medical Services System Act.
2860 10-191 Physician Assistants and Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners
Removes the requirement that a certified registered nurse practitioner's documentation on a resident's record must be countersigned by the collaborating physician within 7 days.
2718 10-180 Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC Program)
amends existing regulations relating to the authorization and management of stores participating in the Special Supplemental Nutrition for Women, Infants and Children Program.
2672 10-181 School Immunizations; Communicable and Noncommunicable Diseases
Revises immunization requirements for children in child care group settings.
2654 10-186 Confidentiality of Patient Records and Information
Expands the amount of information treatment providers may release to other entities and clarifies the rules relating to confidentiality and disclosure of patient-identifying information.
2623 10-184 Home Care Agencies and Home Care Registries
Sets minimum standards for the operation and licensure of home care agencies and home care registries as required by Act 69 of 2006.
2577 10-182 Sexual Assault Victim Emergency Services
Establishes requirements for hospitals that provide sexual assault emergency services.
2440 10-177 Schedules of Controlled Substances
Adds five substances to the Schedule I list of controlled substances
2355 10-174 Out-of-Hospital Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders
Implements procedures for an out-of-hospital do-not-resuscitate order
2340 10-173 Schedules of Controlled Substances
Reschedules: Estazolam from Schedule I to IV; Buprenorphine from Schedule V to III; and adds Butorphanol, Sibutramine and Zolpidem to Schedule IV controlled substances
2300 10-170 Public Swimming and Bathing Places
Specifies requirements for public bathing beaches relating to bacterial monitoring and beach closings
2289 10-169 Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children
Eliminates the limitation criteria used to limit the number of stores authorized to participate in the WIC Program
2288 10-155 Recreational Swimming Establishment Lifeguard Requirements
Requires recreational swimming establishments to maintain the appropriate amount of certified lifeguards on duty during operation of the facility
2278 10-165 Hearing Aid Sales and Registration
Amends regulation to be consistent with the Hearing Aid Sales Registration Law
2250 10-167 Drugs Which May be Used by Certain Optometrists
Amends the list of drugs which may be used by certain optometrists
2188 10-137 Newborn Disease Screening and Follow-Up
Adds maple syrup urine disease, hemoglobin diseases, galactosemia and congenital adrenal hyperplasia to the list of diseases for which newborn children are routinely tested
2186 10-164 Drug and Alcohol Facilities and Services - Standards for Approval of Prevention and Intervention Activities
Repeals the standards for approval of prevention and intervention activities
2185 10-166 Reporting of AIDS, HIV Test Results, CD4 T-Lymphocyte Counts and Perinatal Exposure of Newborns to HIV
Adds reporting requirements, including reporting of test results and conditions by name for HIV infection and AIDS
2142 10-162 School Immunization
Proposes amendments to immunization of school children regulations to add new requirements for varicella vaccine and expand current hepatitis B requirements
2135 10-163 Schedules of Controlled Substances
Reschedules dronabinol from a Schedule II controlled substance to a Schedule III controlled substance
2134 10-159 Drug and Alcohol Facilities and Services
Amends narcotic addiction treatment standards for the approval of narcotic addiction treatment programs under the Public Welfare Code and the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Control Act
2119 10-156 Reporting of Communicable and Noncommunicable Diseases
Comprehensive revisions for disease prevention and control
2097 10-161 WIC Program
Revises provisions for the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program
2079 10-160 Managed Care Organizations
Updates existing health management organizations (HMOs) regulations and implements portions of Act 68 of 1998
2075 10-154 Drug and Alcohol Facilities and Services
Replaces existing physical plant requirements for residential and nonresidential drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation facilities with requirements that are consistent with current health, safety, and fire and panic code requirements
2034 10-129 Head Injury Program
Establishes types of service and eligibility criteria for the Head Injury Program
2030 10-158 Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC Program)
Provides for the authorization and management of retail grocery stores participating in the WIC program
2003 10-143 Emergency Medical Services
Contains comprehensive revisions of procedures and standards of the Emergency Medical Services system incorporating provisions of Act 82 of 1994
2002 10-155 Public Swimming and Bathing Places
Establishes lifeguard certification and lifeguard requirements for recreational swimming facilities
1923 10-152 Drugs Which May Be Used By Qualified Optometrists
Amends existing regulations to include provisions of Act 130 of 1996 which authorized the Secretary of Health to approve drugs for treatment of the eye by certified optometrists
1870 10-151 School Immunizations
Implements vaccination requirements of the Hepatitis B Prevention Act and modifies the requirements for measles, diphtheria and tetanus vaccines.
1865B 10-149B Health Facility Licensure - Freestanding Ambulatory Surgical Facilities
Comprehensive revisions pertaining to licensure and operation of ambulatory surgical facilities
1865A 10-149A Health Facility Licensure - Long Term Care Nursing Facilities
Comprehensive revisions to long term care licensure requirements
1848 10-148 Health Facility Licensure
Provides quality assurance standards for open heart surgical, cardiac catheterization, newborn, and vital organ transplantation services in hospitals
1828 10-144 Drugs Which May Be Used By Qualified Optometrists; Schedules of Controlled Substances
Adds a new drug to the list of drugs which certified optometrists may use in their practice; also amends the lists of "controlled (drug) substance."
1806 10-147 Repeal of Hotline and Drop-In Shelter Regulations
Rescinds provisions for shelters, drop-in centers and hotline activities relating to drug and alcohol treatment activities.
1497 10-131 Coordinated Care Organizations Certification Period and Fees
Creates fees for the certification of coordinate care organizations and provides for a two year certification period
1475 10-128 Childhood Immunization Insurance
Implements the Childhood Immunization Insurance Act, Act 35 of 1992
1369 10-123 Staffing for Drug & Alcohol Treatment Activities
To establish minimum qualifications for staff, training requirements and client/staff ratios for drug and alcohol treatment facilities.
1208 10-122 Measles Immunization Requirements for Children in Childhood Group Settings
1073 10-115 Generic Drug Law Prescription Orders
1068 10-117 Clean Indoor Air
1022 10-114 Generic Drug Formulary Supplement
Provides for additional drugs to be added or appropriate deletions made to the Generic Drug Formulary.
1021 10-116 Reporting of Diseases
0942 10-277 Equipment.& Training Requirements for Administering Chemical Tests;Test Procedure .& Accuracy Certificate for Breath Test Devices
Cert. for Breath Test Devices
0922 10-110 Generic Drug Formulary Supplement
0921 10-108 Generic Drug Formulary Supplement
0852 10-107 Generic Drug Formulary Supplement
0851 10-106 Generic Drug Formulary Supplement
0768 10-105 Reclassification of Glutethimide
0767 10-104 Formulary of Generically Equivalent Drug Products
0766 10-103 Update of the Schedule of Controlled Substances
0765 10-101 Ambulatory Surgical Facility Equipment Requirements
0764 10-100 General and Special Hospitals
0763 10-99 Standards of Operations for Dental Laboratories
0702 10-94 Lead Poisoning/Lead Toxicity
0695 10-96 Emergency Medical Services Reg.
0646 10-97 Additions of Schedules I and II
0645 10-93 Reclassification of Alfentanil
0631 10-98 Generic Drug Formulary Supplement
0612 10-91 Mandatory Insurance Coverage for Alcohol Abuse and Dependency
0559 10-92 Generic Drug Formulary Supplement
0553 10-89 Schedules of Controlled Substances
0529 10-90 CON Simultaneous and Comparative Review
0521 10-78 Ambulatory Surgical Facility Licensure Regulation
0498 10-83 Access by Adoptees to Identification of Biological Parents
0496 10-88 Communicable & Noncommunicable Diseases
0495 10-87 School Immunization Reporting
0467 10-57 Long-Term Care Facility Licensure
0466 10-85 Generic Drug Formulary Supplement
0447 10-82 Schedules of Controlled Substances
0446 10-79 Stnds. of Opers. for Distributors or Nonproprietary Drugs or Controlled Substances
0435 10-84 Schedules of Controlled Substances
0393 10-77 Drugs Which May Be Used By Certain Optometrists
0310 10-63 Labeling Exemption for Dispensed Drug Samples
0272 10-61 Home Health Care Agency Licensure Regulations
0218 10-66 Breath Test Devices
0214 10-65 Chemical Tests under the Fish & Boat Code
0195 10-62 Generic Drug Formulary Supplement
0143 10-60 Clarification of Definition of Certain Retailers of Drugs and Devices
0130 10-58 General & Special Hospital Regs; Patient Access to Hospital Medical Records
0129 10-56 Pre-Arrest Breath Testing Devices
0128 10-55 Use of Paramedics in Hospital Emergency Service Areas
0104 10-53 Depth of Graves
0103 10-51 Schedules of Controlled Substances
0098 10-48 Birth Center Regulations
0097 10-47 Proposed General and Special Hospital Regulations
0094 10-52 Communicable Diseases - Treatment of Newborns
0065 10-49 Clinical Laboratory Act: Increase in Registration Fees
0045 10-41 Recodification and Amendments to Regulations for Drug and Alcohol Activity
0032 10-44 Proposed General and Special Hospital Regulations
0022 10-45 Generic Drug Formulary Supplement
0005 10-43 Equipment for Administering Breath Tests