Regulation Search Results

IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3371 61-13 Rules of the Civil Service Commission
Rescinds obsolete regulations related to the administration of classified service employment in Pennsylvania.
3167 61-6 Implementation of Acts 69 and 167 of 2016
Updates the regulations to conform to the requirements of Acts 69 and 167 of 2016 and to reflect current practices and procedures.
2379 61-5 Act 140 of 2002 Implementation
Amends current regulations to comply with Act 140 of 2002 to reflect current hearing practices and to clarify existing regulations
2234 61-04 Promotion Procedure
Increases flexibility for promoting noncivil service employees
1567 61-1 Appointment & Promotion of Employees in the Classified Service
Revises probationary service provisions for granting of regular status & extension of probationary periods.
1555 61-1 Appointment and Promotion of Employes in the Classified Service
Compliance with court decision; transition of probationary status employe to regular status.
1121 61-3 General Revisions Classified Service
0739 61-2 Promotion Without Examination
0206 61-1 Update & Expand the Rules of the civil Service Commission as they appear in 4 Pa Code