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Regulation Search Results

IRRC # Regulation Number Title/Description
3305 16A-6015 Fee Increase
Increases application and biennial renewal fees on a graduated basis.
3280 16A-6011 Out-of-State RV Dealer Registration Fee
Sets a fee for out-of-state recreation vehicle dealer registrations.
2586 16A-6010 Biennial Renewal Fees
Increases biennial license renewal fees.
2471 16A-608 Protest Proceedings
Establishes provisions to supplement the General Rules of Administrative Practice and Procedure regarding protest matters.
2360 16A-606 Emergency Vehicles
Exempts licensed vehicle dealers who sell only new firefighting or EMS vehicles from display area requirements
2325 16A-605 Branch Lots
Permits licensed dealers to store or display vehicles at an unlicensed location where no business activity takes place and permits a dealer to display one vehicle as an advertisement
2317 16A-607 Consignment Sales
Sets forth consumer protection requirements for licensed car dealers who engage in consignment sales
2311 16A-604 Established Place of Business for Dealers
Establishes an exemption to requirements for a vehicle display area for car dealers
2309 16A-603 Vehicle Auction License
Establishes minimum facility requirements for retail and wholesale vehicle auctions.
2200 16A-602 General Revisions
Updates provisions for vehicle sales for conformity with Act 27 of 1996
2173 16A-601 Consignment Sales
Establishes criteria under which a licensed vehicle dealer may engage in consignment sales without holding a vehicle auction license
2065 16A-600 Application Fees
Revises a number of fees for the State Board of Vehicle Manufacturers, Dealers and Salespersons
0919 16A-224 Waiver of Dealer's Requirement for a Certificate of Occupancy
0829 16A-203 Fee Schedule
0326 16A-115 Separate Business Identity: Established Place of Business; Proscribed Conduct